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About Us

About Us

We began several years ago as a Mom and Pop organization as an agent/foster for Rotten Russell’s Rescue Ranch … Read more >>

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We have a wonderfully motley group of terriers in all shapes, sizes and dispositions – all looking for their forever homes. Meet the dogs >>

Jennifer and Milo

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We have been blessed with hundreds of adoptions over the years. Here are just a few of those wonderful happy tails. Get happy >>

Dog Blog

Dog Blog

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Without Donna and the GA JRT family, we would never have found a dog like Carson.  Their commitment to rescuing, rehabilitating, and genuinely helping their dogs learn to trust again is a gift to all of us, and we feel lucky to be a part of the always-expanding family.

Lily & Mike Goldstein

” Penny is a delight. I can’t imagine our life without her … Thank you, Mama Donna, for saving this girl for us!”

Joy Cauthen

“I’m so thankful to everyone at rescue who worked together to save and care for Fancy to give her a second chance in our home. I am so blessed to be part of this amazing group and to be able to work with these wonderful dogs – and people – everyday.”

Jeana Nolen

“We will never be able to thank Donna and the rescue enough for saving these 2 precious babies for us!”

Janeen Langley

Latest News

Lunchtime with Nicki

Lunchtime with Nicki

Just a little fun with Nicki. He is actually a perfect gentleman, especially once he gets to know and trusts a person. Now that Rocket has been adopted, who knows what may be in store for our other fear-aggressive boy. Miracles DO happen.
Be a winner in the Heartworm Help Online Auction!

Heartworm Help Auction Kicks Off Tonight

Join us for our latest online auction, Heartworm Help. This auction includes tons of great Jack Russell collectibles (mug, plate, statue, pin, books, etc.); several pieces of beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry; a swag bag for dog lovers; and a Keurig Vue V700 Brewing System with more than 130 pods for coffee, hot cocoa and tea. All proceeds help us cover heartworm treatment costs for our rescues.
Cobb and Carson

Cobb: When a Rescue Dog Rescues Another

Mike and Lily Goldstein gave Carson his forever home in 2013--and have given more to rescue than we can ever thank them and their family enough for. With Carson's approval, they became fosters for Cobb a few months ago. And now? We are thrilled to announce Cobb has joined the family permanently!

Sam and Ossa: Both Sides of the Foster Story

To promote our push for fosters, we are sharing some stories from our fosters throughout the years. They all have unique and wonderful experiences – some short-term, some long-term and, yes, some permanent. The Brewsters have had a very unique experience in fostering: They fostered one dog (Sam) to the point of adoption, then took in another dog (Breeze) who was really down on his luck. They cared for him and nursed him from rescue, through the trials and triumphs of overcoming (and almost losing) a broken leg, to making the decision to add him to their family.
Walk for the Rescues with ResQWalk

Walk for the Rescues

Want to improve your health and the lives of the rescue dogs? Just go for a walk! Yes, it’s that simple. With the new ResQwalk app for iPhone (Android coming soon), you can log your daily miles walked (or ran) and every step you take will help raise money for the rescue! It doesn’t cost you a penny … and may even help extend your life. ;)
No Kill Nation

ResQthreads: Go Shopping, Go Walking

We are always looking for partnerships with great organizations who believe in giving back. It's a win-win situation: You, our supporters, get great stuff that you probably buy anyway; the dogs get a percentage of your shopping spree, your efforts or your time. Our latest partnership is with ResQthreads.

Hannah 2.0: New and Improved

Just a little over a year ago, Hannah spent her days, pacing nonstop in her kennel, unable to look at or trust anyone. You may remember the story of how we finally "caught" her and, slowly but surely, began working with her. She had heartworm (or so we thought at the time; the records were incorrect) and needed to go to foster care for treatment, so Pam and Bonnie took her in, in January and began integrating her into their pack. By February, she was already showing improvement.