Team Russell: It’s All About the Dogs

It’s all about the dogs, ’bout the dogs … no drama …

Our volunteer group (aptly-named Team Russell) is small but mighty. We are a very close-knit group with a variety of skills – each of us with something to bring to the table that helps the dogs. Whether we are working hard or playing hard, we always make sure to keep our focus on what’s most important: The dogs. There are no egos allowed here. Playtime and parties? Always!

Get Exercise, Fun and Sun, All in One

If you can’t afford to adopt or donate to a dog, we can always use your help at the rescue. This includes but isn’t limited to the following:

  • Building, repairing, moving and cleaning kennels
  • Cleaning water bowls
  • Cleaning dog houses
  • Walking the dogs
  • Mowing/weed-eating the property
  • Playing ball in the field with the dogs
  • Grooming dogs and clipping nails
  • Giving medications
  • Transporting dogs (vet trips, shelter “freedom rides” to rescue, meeting adopters, etc.)
  • Working special events/fundraisers
  • Teaching basic commands such as to sit, stay and walk on a leash
  • Writing grants
  • Securing raffle/silent auction items and sponsors
  • Shooting photos/videos
  • Helping to facilitate meet’n’greets with potential adopters
  • Taking the dogs on playdates away from rescue
  • And the list goes on …

If you would like to spend your free time making a difference, please click the button below to complete our volunteer application. We’ll be in touch soon.