A Little History

We are a small, non-profit rescue located outside of the Atlanta metro area. We began several years ago as a Mom and Pop organization as a foster agent. We lost our wonderful Pop, Jim, in December 2008. He loved our Jacks and worked tirelessly day and night to take care of the dogs.

Now Mama Donna and a handful of volunteers, affectionately known as Team Russell, are running the rescue … and holding down regular jobs. As you might imagine, this is a huge undertaking, but these precious dogs are worth saving and re-homing.

Our Mission

  • We rescue Jack Russells.
  • We adopt out Jack Russells.
  • We provide a sanctuary for Jack Russells.
  • Yeah … we kind of like Jack Russells.

What We Do

  • Rescue and re-home abused, abandoned, neglected, unwanted or homeless Jack Russells and Jack Russell mixes, placing them in homes where they can live as the breed they are meant to be. We will assist in finding homes where the quality of life will ensure a long safe happy healthy lifestyle.
  • Provide temporary medical and shelter for the well-being of Jack Russell terriers who enter into the rescue, owner surrenders who can no longer care for their Terriers, or from animal control.
  • Protect the Jack Russell Terrier by educating pet owners and breeders of the special needs of this breed, preventing displaced terriers.
  • Offer support and advice to owners who wish to keep their pets and prevent surrender of their terriers.
  • Educate people before they adopt or purchase a Jack Russell Terrier, encouraging research on the breed.

Before you adopt a Jack Russell, please go to www.terrier.com and read if a Jack Russell is the right dog for your family. They are a high-energy breed that needs discipline and lots of exercise and attention.

Just a Few Videos

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