So, you say the JRT line o’wines is really nice, but you’re not a drinker? We bet you love the wonderful smell of Christmas, fresh cotton and hot apple pie, though, don’t you? Well, guess what? We’ve got that now, too!

We are excited to introduce our new line of Jack Russell candles at You can select from six wonderfully-scented varieties, a four-pack sampler or collect all six unique candles – or six of just one scent, depending on your preference! Justorder online or via fax, mail or phone call to have them delivered to your door; a portion of the proceeds above the distributor’s cost will go directly to the rescue.

Every 16-oz. candle  is made with all-natural, kosher, 100% soy wax with a lead- and zinc-free self trimming cotton wick. The burn time for each candle is approximately 150 hours. Spoil yourself, your family, friends or co-workers while benefiting a great cause.

How to Order

There are three ways to order these scented delights …

Order Online
Go to our online store and shop for your selections, adding them to your cart. Check out using any major credit card and their secure server.

Download Order Form
Download the candle selection sheet and the order form and print them out. Complete the order form and either mail or fax it to the address at the bottom of the order form. Please note: We are not handling the distribution.

Call the Distributor
View the the candle selection or visit our online store and decide what you would like to order. Then call at (978)297-5477 and tell them you are ordering wines from Georgia Jack Russell Rescue.

Keep Us Updated

We will receive a quarterly statement from the distributor on sales, but it will probably not include who purchased what. We always love to know who is supporting us, though, please feel free to email us or post on our Facebook page a pic of you enjoying your Jack’ed up wine … just make sure your Jack doesn’t get any.

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Those Lovely Labels

We love covering up the smell of wet dog as much as you do, but our favorite part is the beautiful custom labels of our senior and sanctuary babies. You can see all of them on selection sheet, including:

  • Cotton Fields (pictured above) – We lost Harry (pictured above) in October 2014. His little light will shine on forever with this candle.
  • Eucalyptus & Spearmint – Nicki (sanctuary adult dog who is overcoming his fear-aggression issues after growing up with a hoarder … and is an absolute gentleman once he trusts you)
  • Fireplace – Hartley (wonderfully funny senior dog with ongoing ear canal issues)
  • Hot Apple Pie – Lorelee lived the first 8 years of her life in kennels. She now lives life on Daddy’s lap.
  • Lavender – Cobb was overlooked at the shelter because he had cataracts and was a senior. He has an amazing forever family and will never be overlooked again.
  • Unscented – Jackie (senior dog who is allergic to anything and everything … She knows there are people out there just like her, so we granted her the unscented version)