Another day, another success story! How about that?! We have been so blessed lately.

Three weeks ago, Kate Carlson fell in love with Zeus’ pictures and story on our website and knew she had to meet him. She wanted a smaller “Terrier mix” to be a companion for her big and beautiful Yellow Lab, Sally, who is the epitome of a loving, gentle giant.

Zeus and Sally hit it off and did great at the rescue. They were running around, chasing one another in the field from the get-go. We knew he was the best fit for Sally, since we needed a bigger boy who could hold his own with her. It was the ideal situation for Zeus, since we wanted him to be in a home with another dog due to his
playful nature.

Kate and Sally went home to prepare for Zeus’ arrival the next week. A couple of members of Team Russell (who were very instrumental in saving Zeus from the shelter and fostering him for awhile) dropped Zeus off at Kate’s house the following weekend. He had everything ready for him – dog bowls, leash, harness, collar, toys-you name it! This four-legged duo played immediately and have already bonded after only two weeks.

Kate and Sally are the perfect family for Zeus, whose name is now Briggs! They both absolutely adore him, and he has learned to walk well on a leash with the guidance of Sally. Zeus also will get to visit his grandparents’ lake house, where he can swim or hang on the boat. His first family may have had to leave him, but that will never happen again.