She was terrified when she arrived at the kill shelter in spring. She was scared of everyone who worked there, so they labeled her for “rescue only.” She just happened to be there when we came to pick up another dog … and we fell in love with her.


Within days of arriving at rescue, she warmed up to everyone and her fear went away. She didn’t like being separated from us, but her confidence improved significantly over the weeks and, by July, she was learning agility.


And now she’s going to learn something very special: How to be a hearing assistance dog.


Zara left the ranch on Sunday for her forever home with new mom, Jodi Collins, in Ohio. She said goodbye to Mama Donna, then headed with Kim to Pippa’s house (a.k.a. K&K’s) in Cumming, Ga., for a bath and a slumber party. Monday morning, it was off to Tennessee to meet up with Anne Ross. Kasey, Kimberly and Anne all met us through Facebook page. K&K helped us transport Ginger to Ohio last year, while Anne helped us get Gracie and Katie to Michigan. None of them were hesitant to step up for another journey. They were was even kind enough to give Zara a place to live for a few nights before she could make the last leg of the trip to Columbus today.


Tonight, Zara is settling in and getting to know her forever mom. Thank you to “Team Zara” for donating your free time and gas money to make this special trip with this special girl happen. Most of all, Jodi, thank you for giving her a home and what every dog loves almost as much as a home: A purpose.


Good luck, Zara! We will miss you, but know you’re going to have the wonderful life you deserve.

Want to help?

Do you live on the East Coast and would like to be part of transport? We are always looking for volunteers to help us transport our dogs. We prefer them to make their journey in cars with people we can trust, who will keep us updated with photos. We are working on a transport of a special senior from Atlanta to Arlington, Va., on Friday, Aug. 2. We still need help with the first half of the trip from Atlanta to Greensboro, N.C. (all or a portion of the drive). If you would like to help, please contact us.