Recap of October

Awe, October. Pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere! And, of course, a little dress-up fun with the dogs … not to mention self-shaming on Mama Donna’s part …

Family and Friends … Together Again

We took advantage of the beautiful weather—and a reason to dress up—and hosted our second annual Friends & Family JRT Reunion at the ranch on Oct. 24. It was another evening of fun, food, festivities and, most importantly, familiar faces. We love being part a larger family that continues to support us, long after they have adopted from us … and, of course, we especially love those of you who keep coming back for “more.” You know who you are …

Lilly Belle Discovers a Home

Lily Belle was one of the best kept secrets at rescue … and that’s because she tried very hard to make herself secret. She came to us in 2014 with several other young dogs after a puppy mill bust in Louisiana. While the others quickly adapted and were scooped up by adopters, Lily Belle refused to come out of her dogloo on most days. She must have had a terrible experience at her former place as she was terrified of all strangers.

That changed in June of this year when adopted parents and Team Russell volunteers, Kasey and Charity, decided to take her home and foster her. She needed to be somewhere safe to begin to overcome her fears and learn to live life as a normal dog.

She still has a long way to go, but she has come so far … and she’s not going anywhere. On Oct. 17, K&C made it official: She’s adopted!