Recap of June

June is all about our big annual Jack/Chow fundraiser … and some fun-raising. (Yeah, we said it.)

The Chows and Jack are Back!

June is always a crazy month at rescue as it’s the month we co-host our annual fundraiser with Chap’s Chow Rescue. That single four-hour evening of music, food and auctions literally takes months of tireless planning by our volunteers to pull off. Like the two previous events, this year’s was another wonderful success. We had new sponsors join our trusted-and-true “staff” this year, and we were able to make a dent in our outstanding vet bills … for the moment, at least.

Chloe and Lorelee

Three Really is a Charm

Three adoptions within a week means nothing to the “big dogs” in rescue, but for us? It was monumental! That’s exactly what happened in June when beautiful Maggie, “honorary Jack” Howie and Chloe all found homes with awesome families.

We were all so heartbroken for poor Chloe, who was abandoned by her family when they moved. Her younger sister was scooped up by a wonderful family, who, unfortunately, could not adopt them both. She was clearly confused and upset by the loss of her family and four-legged sibling. And that’s all it took to win over our volunteers, Pat and David, aka Lorelee’s mom and dad. She went home with them, met her sister-to-be and that was that – she was in a home full of love and doggie luxury.