Recap of July

July was another wonderful adoption month with three of our “special” dogs finding amazing homes. We also said goodbye to a sweet sanctuary dog and … splish, splash, some dogs were takin’ a bath.

Buster and Mindy

Buster Goes Home

Buster arrived at rescue in early 2015 and endured a couple of painful and complicated leg surgeries to repair major damage he suffered after being hit by a car. Being a fighting Chi/Terrier mix, though, he recouped quickly and brought smiles to all of our faces … but he definitely favored that leg. He needed someone to work with him … and that’s what he found in Mindy Underberger.

She came to visit with Morgan Rowe, who does everything for the rescue from performing at our fundraisers, to cooking burgers on volunteer days, to giving our deaf little Oscar a wonderful home. Mindy and Buster met and that was that. He moved to Florida, received water therapy, and comes back to see us often. And, boy, does he look great … and we’re not just talking about his assortment of bow ties and clothes.

JR with family

J.R. Goes Home

Like Buster, J.R. had also been hit by a car and had damage to his back hips. He was at an Alabama rescue and required extensive surgery, which they could not afford. We couldn’t, either, of course, but we took the chance and welcomed him anyway. Fortunately, he ended up not needing surgery. He had already started healing, and doc said that any surgery would just set him back. What he really needed was crate rest for several weeks … and that’s what he got with us. In the meantime, we absolutely, positively fell in love with this big-tongued lap dog. He and Buster spent their recovering time together, wrestling like wild men once our vet gave him the go-ahead. He also ventured out to his first public appearance at Dog City, where he met the wonderful Haley family … and the rest was history. 

Dixie loving the window life!

Dixie Goes Home

Dixie was actually the seventh dog to be added to the original “Exodus Six” gang, a group of Terriers who were rescued from deplorable conditions at an out-of-state rescue back in 2013. She could be a little shy to warm up, so many adopters overlooked her. What they didn’t know is that she is an easy sellout for a treat. That said, she wasn’t really a fan of other dogs at rescue and, well, the majority of our adopters have other dogs.

That all changed when a wonderful woman in Massachusetts saw her photo online. She had just lost her dog, and Dixie was a perfect fit. Dixie is now enjoying her days doing what she loves best: Running outdoors, chasing squirrels and being the supermodel that she is.


Goodbye, Jackie

Although 2015 was a great year for adoptions, it was also, sadly, a great year for losses, too. Because we are a sanctuary and have many special-needs and/or senior dogs in our care, there is the inevitable that we will lose them as time passes.

We said goodbye to sweet Jackie on July 13. Most people, even the dedicated volunteers, didn’t know her well. That’s because she was allergic to everything under the sun (and that’s no pun), so she spent the majority of her four years with us indoors. It was so tough to say goodbye, but we know she will never have to suffer another bout of allergies again.

Eli getting a bath

Summer Vol Day

We came, we saw, we sweated our butts off, but, boy, did we get stuff done around the ranch during our annual Summer Vol Day. It’s always fun to give the dogs much-needed baths, too … well, fun for us. They don’t concur.