Recap of April

April was another relatively-calm month … on the public front, at least. (We were storing up for a big summer.) One of our favorite little guys was adopted after years of waiting, and our cornhole champs continued their winning streak for the dogs.

Hartley meeting Mom

Hartley Goes Home

We had a lot of fabulous adoptions throughout 2015, but one we feared might never happen was Hartley’s. This handsome old man (who was definitely more cattle dog than Terrier) had been with us for years, and no one had ever showed any interest in him. Not only was he not a JRT and a senior, he also had to have countless ear surgeries, including one to completely reconstruct his ear canal. Even after that, he required ongoing medications and ear rinses. As such, he came to live in the house and mostly became one of our own.

That was until early 2015 when Bonnie Brehm, who had adopted our sweet Ginger (RIP) in 2012, reached out. She had successfully been using her profession as a message therapist and treating Ginger with various homeopathic techniques and massages, in addition to her usual medications. Ginger was moving into her final geriatric days, and Bonnie was looking for another special senior to help.

Look no more!

Hartley made the trip to Ohio (thanks to our volunteers) in April and has been settling in ever since. His mom updates us on him regularly, and it always makes us smile. Never say never.

Team Russell takes 3rd!

Sweet SweetWater

One of our favorite special events of the year is the SweetWater 420 Fest. We know it sounds odd, but after we had a spectacular turnout and networking option our first time in 2012, we’ve returned every year. Last year, we even took home a very nice check for the dogs, thanks to our volunteers who participated in Gas Light’s nonprofit cornhole competition. We returned to compete again this year for the dogs, but the event was rained out. Not a problem …

SweetWater rescheduled the event at their lovely Atlanta brewery for April 30. For the second year in a row, Team Russell champs, Brad Hasten and Wonder Donna, kicked some butt. They took third place … and brought home a big ole $1,000 check for the rescues.