September kicked off with a bang … and a crackle … and a hiss …


Ernie: The Mighty Snake Killer

September arrived with a bang … and a crack … and a hiss … Within minutes in the wee hours of the morning on Sept. 1, Ernie attacked a Copperhead that slithered into his kennel and was bitten several times before killing it. As Mama Donna was grabbing him to rush him off to the emergency vet, a tree limb by the kennels fell and hit a power line. WTH?!

It was absolute pandemonium, but fortunately, everyone survived to talk about it. Team Russell was out in full force the next day, reinforcing several of the kennels against future snake invasions and cleaning up the mess. Whew.

P.S. Our “mighty snake killer” is now a dressed-up teddy bear to a special little girl in Florida. 😉

Eddie needs perineal hernia surgery.

Eddie’s Surgery

As if the unexpected vet costs for Ernie’s emergency care and hospital stay weren’t enough, we found out on Sept. 28 that Eddie had a painful perineal hernia that needed to be removed ASAP. The procedure would difficult and costly, but we were assured he would be A-OK afterwards. Once again, we turned to you with a fundraiser and, once again, you came through for us … and, once again, one of our mighty Jacks sailed through surgery and is doing awesome.

Tell me the story about my forever life again, Dad.

Home Sweet Homes

September brought us several more great adoptions. Bunny had a short-term foster stint with Abby before being adopted by the Hodnetts on Sept. 21, and our silly Lilly was scooped up by a former adopter, Pat, on Sept. 28.

The adoption that really blew us away was for Millie, though. This beautiful, big girl had been with us since January 2013 when we picked her up at the shelter, thinking she was a “small JRT boy with a stab wound.” Not quite. Although the vols all loved her beyond words, she wasn’t a Jack and most folks coming to visit us weren’t looking for a girl her size. We knew she had to go to another/non-breed specific rescue.

With tears in our eyes, we sent her off to Canine Commitment of New England in late August and by Sept. 12? She was adopted! Her parents absolutely adore her and love everything about her that we did … and we could not ask for more.