Recap of May

May was a month of festivals, festivals and more festivals … oh, and yeah … Rocket went home!!

A Month of Festivals

May was all about festivals, festivals and more festivals. From the Spring Dock Diving event at Rucker in Cumming, to Woofstock 2014 in Suwanee, to the Dog Days of McDonough, Team Russell was on the go every weekend to spread the word about the rescue and introduce some of our adoptable dogs to the general public. Whew, we’re tired again just thinking about it …

Rocket saying goodbye to Mama Donna

Rocket Goes Home

The highlight of May–for the long-time volunteers, at least–was one that the general public didn’t hear much about. It was an adoption we literally thought would never happen for so many reasons … and yet it did.

Rocket had lived at rescue for years (so many, we lost count). He had some fear-aggression issues after being taunted by children and was prone to biting. As such, he could not be adopted to just anyone; he had to go to an experienced handler and trainer.

While we dreamed about that happening, we were obviously optimistic until late April when Andrea Vezzani-McGrath reached out to us and expressed hers and her husband’s interest in at least fostering him and working with him. Many, many disclaimers later, they came out to rescue to meet him … and immediately hit it off. It was as if Rocket had known and trusted them for years. They took him home for a trial and, within days, proclaimed him “theirs.”