Recap of February

February was the month of love! Our dogs kissed so many folks at Smooch-a-Pooch and we, unfortunately, kissed our sweet Skip goodbye.

Smooch a Pooch at City Dog Market

Smooch a Pooch

We aptly began the year’s most romantic month with some some smackeroos. City Dog Market invited us out for a Smooch a Pooch event to help raise funds on Feb. 8. The turnout was fantastic, and Diamond, Millie and Damon shared all the kisses they could muster up with visitors. It was such a smash that we’ll be back again in 2015! Come out and get kisses on–you guessed it!–Valentine’s Day!

Senior Dog Tribute

So Long, Sweet Skip

Every year brings us hope, healing and, unfortunately, heartbreak. We had only one goal when we rescued Skip from the kill shelter in 2013: 1) To love and comfort him every day of his life, whether it was for six months or six years; and 2) to give him the TLC and medical attention he never received in his first 12 years of life. His degenerative disc disease had greatly progressed, atrophy was starting to settle in, and his teeth were literally falling out of his teeth and into our hands. Despite all that, he was full of the pee and vinegar of any good Jack and refused to let it get to him until the very end. He was with us nine months before we had to let him go on Feb. 22. He will always live on in our hearts and in this photo.

Sadie and her dad

What a Difference a Year Can Make

February marked the one-year anniversary of the huge 2012 rescue bust in South Carolina. More than 50 dogs were seized during the raid and taken to shelters and rescues. We originally took on six of these dogs (Dixie would come to us later and make it seven). It was great to look back and see what a difference a year truly does make. Bailey, Sam, Pebbles, and Sadie are all living the good life. We are still looking for forever homes for Dixie, Hannah, and Rocky. Maybe by February 2015?