Fall has returned and so has our Yankee Candle Fundraising campaign! Bring all the scents of the outdoors indoors with tons of fabulous Yankee items – everything from candles and warmers, to tea and popcorn!

Best of all? 40% of all sales will go to the GA JRT rescues!

Our online store is now open. To shop for the rescues, go to our online store and scroll down to the Start Shopping area. Enter our group number > 990084126. Bam! That’s it. Now go shopping.

Items are shipped directly to you within 3-7 days and there’s even FREE shipping on all orders over $100.

Have you already ordered?

We’d love to see a pic of your pup with your good stuff in our gallery below. Just send your pic to jrtadoptions@gmail.com. Thanks!

Yankee Candle Fundraiser for Jack Russell Rescue