Are you ready for this? We certainly weren’t! But what a treasure find it has been — Xena the Warrior Princess (now Libby) has been adopted!

In our decade-plus years of rescue, we’ve never seen a girl quite like this one. She arrived totally wired. Not just Jack Russell wired, but obsessed — with playing ball, with splashing everyone from her pool, with chasing anything and everything, etc.. She had few manners, didn’t care much for the sweet children who came to meet her, and pretty much ignored the other dogs in general. It was her world, and we were just allowed to live in it. But she is so darn adorable and so many families came to meet her … and so many left without her. (But they adopted our other babies, which was absolutely wonderful.)

Enter, June and James Boutwell. They had, had JRTs for years, including their current 10-year-old rescue Zack, who is entered in our Year of the Jack Calendar Photo Contest. Zack is now dealing with a collapsing trachea and asthma and can’t be as active as he used to be, so they were looking for someone full of zest. Um, look no further …

Their responses on our lengthy adoption application were perfect, their references were awesome and, when they came out to meet her, everything just clicked. Oh … it doesn’t hurt that James trains Army Rangers. He was ready for a new project — and what a project she has been.

Libby is now living the life, playing ball in her big pool. Dream come true! She even spends her naps next to her big brother. There’s no telling what she’ll be doing next.