“We’ve got sunshine … on a cloudy day … When it’s cold outside, we’ve got the month of May …” Rain, schmain! It didn’t stop any of us from heading out Saturday morning and enjoying the day at Whole Foods Market Buckhead.

Whole Foods has just been amazing. They had a contingency plan in place for us in the morning since it was pouring when we arrived – they set us up in the lower level parking deck first to stay dry and provided us with an apple cider and coffee station to give out to visitors. Suffice it to say, it was a hit!

Once the rain moved on, we went back upstairs; the Whole Foods staff helped us set up and we were back in action! The amount of exposure was fantastic. We handed out so many business cards, met some possible applicants, and made great connections!

Even better? Some of our “adopted” parents came out to help us, including Kate (who adopted Zeus, now Briggs) and Rachel (who adopted baby Julie, now Alex), not to mention Hannah’s amazing foster mom, Belinda. We continue to extend our Team Russell family through our wonderful dogs and we could not ask for more.

Thank you to Whole Foods and to everyone who came out yesterday. We can’t wait to see what happens next!