Jack Russell Rescue Donations

We Are Here for Them

Jack Russell donationsWe are here for them …

We won’t go into details, but there have been some scandals lately in the dog rescue world about where money is going and what rescues around the country are doing. We know that every one of those stories can cause people to lose faith in donating.

And that debauchery saddens us.

We strive hard on our website and our Facebook page to show you through pictures that we receive your donations, how we use them, how they benefit the dogs, etc. We also welcome you to call our vet (whom we are in debt to for thousands) and donate to them directly, if you don’t trust us to do pay them. And we invite you, if you’re in the area or passing through, to come out to the ranch and see how we are putting your donations to use.

You have all been such great supporters and never given us reason to think otherwise. We hope we have done the same for you and we just want you to know that every single penny you spend (via purchases, auctions, fundraisers, donations, time volunteered, etc.) goes directly to our dogs. It does not benefit anyone or anything else. Our volunteers  donate all their time in online activities, vet runs, kennel care, scooping poop, etc. There are absolutely no salaries here.

If you’ve met Mama Donna, you know she lives well below her means and, sometimes, the volunteers have to get onto her for that: Take care of yourself before the dogs, Donna. She, of course, does not listen. She works a full-time job 40-50 hours and then spends 40-50 hours taking care of these dogs to give them the best homes possible.

The volunteers will hop off the soapbox now. We just want to assure you that we do everything and anything within our means to take care of these babies. We get nothing but joy seeing each and every one of these dogs arrive down ‘n out and then become down ‘n dirty like any JRT should be. They each mean something to us and always will until the day they are adopted … and we still cry our eyes out when that happens, let us tell you.

Thank you all for your ongoing support, donations and love for the dogs. If you ever want to “call us to the table,” please do. We’ll invite you that table … for a barbecue.

As always, if you need proof, view our video … 😉