Jack Russell Rescue, Volunteer Day, Summer 2013

Volunteer Day is Tomorrow

Jack Russell Rescue, Volunteer Day, Summer 2013Tomorrow’s the day to work and to play at Volunteer Day! We have a lot of people signed up for a day of kennel cleaning, dog washing/walking, general repairs and a yummy cookout!

People will be coming and going all day at the ranch between 9 am and 6pm (or dusk). Feel free to come out at any time that’s best for you and stay however long you want or can. If you want to be there for the cookout, it is scheduled for 12:30.

If you haven’t signed up for volunteer duties or cookout goodies, please do so ASAP:

Things to Bring

We will have most supplies on hand, but here are some things you will want to bring:

  • Your goodies for the cookout
  • Work or rubber gloves (depending on what duties you’re doing)
  • Lawn/foldable chairs
  • Umbrellas
  • Old towels

You’ll also want to bring a pair of “poop shoes.” We try to clean up as much as possible, but with this many Jacks … well, poop happens.

If you still need the address/directions, please email us at jrtadoptions@gmail.com