Hartley scratching ears

Update on Hartley’s Health

Hartley scratching ears

We sure hope to see less of this (taken before his procedure) from Hartley in the near future … and more of his funny smile.

Sweet Hartley went for a teeth cleaning yesterday. (Thanks for taking him, Debbie!) It was a two-fold procedure as Dr. Sewell wanted to thoroughly check out his ears as well. The sweet, old man lost four teeth and his ears were thoroughly inspected and cleaned out. We were elated to hear that his ear drums are still intact and not ruptured, but they were definitely full of gunk.

We are going to try a once-a-month antibiotic maintenance/preventative to see if his condition improves. Although it’s not ideal, it’s still less drastic than our other alternative of completely removing his ear drums.

Aside from that, we are happy to report that he is doing well. Losing teeth has not slowed down this little man’s appetite in the least, and he seems to be feeling better … of course, that could be the pain pills. 😉

We are putting together another online auction, which will be devoted entirely to Hartley and recouping some of his extensive vet bills over the past year since he’s been in our care. So, get ready to bid!

If you would like to donate now, you can do so by visiting his profile.