Bailey was the worst of the six arrivals. He was very sick and weak on the inside and heartbreaking on the outside. He had sores all over him; the hair was missing from his tail, ears, nose and other areas from horrific flea bites; his nails were a batch of overgrowth and cut-passed-the-quick; and his teeth were caked with tartar. He had apparently never had a dental in his life.

Since then, he has received a dental, proper nail trimming and a couple of baths with very special shampoo. He still has some stained fur, and the hair on his tail may never grow back, but he looks and feel so much better. His sores have healed up nicely, and he is getting coconut oil and other nutrients in his food to help with the skin issues. He still has a ways to go, but he’s doing great.


We immediately fell love with this handsome man when he arrived. He had some major skin issues under his neck and “armpits” from flea bites and his teeth needed a good cleaning. Worst of all, he was heartworm positive. 🙁

Since then, he has started heartworm treatments and is doing very well. He won’t be able to get a dental until he has completed the treatments, but he’s getting plenty of goodies to help naturally clean them. He is slowly but surely starting to grow hair back on his missing patches. For now, we find his bare chest with a few hairs just another charming thing about this handsome boy.

Sam will be available for adoption once his heartworm treatments are complete. We would consider a foster if you have had experience with a dog going through heartworm treatment. Please complete our online application if you want to give him the TLC he deserves.


Sweet ‘n shy Sadie arrived much like Sam and Bailey: She was missing hair on her tail and rear from major flea bites, her teeth needed cleaned and she had sores here and there.

Since then, she has had a dental (lost a few teeth!) and a couple of wonderful baths that have really brought out her beautiful coat. She has grown her hair back on the neglected areas and she looks fantastic! She is a very shy girl who has a few trust issues and needs patience and loving. Aside from that, she is ready to roll home with someone, either in a foster situation or a forever home.


Rocky arrived looking pretty good (for his situation). He had a growth on his chest and, like all the other dogs, his teeth were in rough shape. But it didn’t take long until we realized this little man was losing weight – rapidly. He was sick.

The growth turned out to be just a fatty tumor, which we had removed. He also received a dental. (Doc said his teeth were ground down from chewing on the crate after he was abandoned in his last location.) We treated him for parasites and one of our awesome volunteers made him some homemade satin balls to expedite his weight gain.

He still needs to pack on another pound or two, but has recovered very nicely. He is energetic and ready to go to foster or his forever home.


Pebbles arrived in the best shape of the neglected group. She had a couple of sores and her nails needed trimmed, but she was healthy and happy otherwise. Her sores have healed, her nails have been trimmed and her shy, little self has warmed up to all of us now … if not to the camera.

She is ready to go to foster or her forever home.


Hannah is the most heartbreaking of the group. Although she is healthy, she is absolutely terrified of everyone. We were hoping she would warm up to us by now, especially Mama Donna, who spends lots of time in her kennel. Fortunately, she will allow us into her kennel to scoop, feed and water without any aggression, but everything stresses her out, so we try to limit visits to the necessities. We didn’t even want to take any new pictures, which also scares her.

We are going to have to get a professional assessment of her behavior and see what we can do to help. We have had a few dogs who did not trust in the past (both at rescue and the volunteers personally), but they all warmed up over time and with various subtle approaches on our part. Hannah has not responded to any of these like the others.

If you know of a behavioralist or trainer who would be willing to donate some of their time to come out and meet her, please let us know. For now, we will do our best to comfort and care for her.

Want to help?

As you might imagine, the vet bills to help with this wonderful, little group of survivors has not been a cheap one. They arrived at a time when we were already over-budget and scrambling to pay off our debts. This has set us back further, but there was no way we were going to let these little guys and gals suffer any more than they already had at the hands of someone who had promised to care for them.

If you would like to help, you can do so online by clicking the Donate button below. It will go directly to these dogs.

If you would rather pay our vet directly, you can do that as well. Here is all the information. Just contact them and tell them it’s towards our bill.

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