ARA's new heavy-duty pet bed with corner caps.

Tough New Beds for Teethy Terriers

Animal Rescue Aid has done it again! They have managed to offer a top-rate dog bed at an affordable price.

Many of you donated more than 20 beds back in 2011. Thank you again! The dogs absolutely love them. Some have loved them so much, they have made snacks of them and chewed up the corners. No problem – ARA offers affordable replacement toppers for those beds. A couple of our dogs, however, have unfortunately had to “lose” their beds altogether (don’t worry, they all have doghouses with straw and blankets) because they simply won’t stop chewing on the corners, potentially harming themselves.

Once again, ARA has the answer to that. They have designed and are offering some new “heavy-duty” beds to detour even the toughest terrier. The material is durable PVC nylon (the same kind Kuranda uses) and the frame includes “corner caps” to prevent the chew fiends from getting at them. They are offering these upgraded beds for just $22.50 each (includes shipping).

Check out the great design below:

ARA's new heavy-duty pet bed with corner caps.

ARA’s new heavy-duty pet bed with corner caps.

How to Donate a Bed

Donate Online

It takes a couple of steps, but it’s online and it’s easy. Go to ARA’s donations page and note the big Paypal button in the righthand corner. Click the Donate button. Once Paypal takes you through the sign in, just type in special notes that “This donation is towards a pet bed for Georgia Jack Russell Rescue.” That’s it. Done.

Donate by Check

If you are not comfortable making a donation online, you can email a check or money order to the following address. Please, put “pet bed” in the memo line:

Box 305
Avondale Estates, GA. 30002

Donate a Crate Instead

ARA also has a wonderful donate-a-crate program. We picked up our first donated one (thank you, Linda Lange, for this wonderful donation) and we’ll be sure to share a photo with you soon. We can always use more as our older ones begin to wear out.