Three Jacks Need a Holiday Pad

We have received word that three rescued Jack Russells are in need of temporary fostering during the holidays. We are a little full at the moment, so we are turning to some of our JRT-loving friends in the area to see if you can foster one or all of them. (Yes, they are adoptable, should they work out well.)

Below are their photos and information that was shared about them verbatim. If you can help, please contact Carlene at 404-312-9567 or (We do not have these dogs or any additional information about them at the moment.)


I need help, need a temporary foster for at least 2 of the dogs I have here, I am going to Pennsylvania for Christmas and New years, will be home in early January I dont have an exact date of return yet. I hope to leave Saturday the 17th. ~Possibly 3 weeks

Buddy the dog from Douglas probably wont be going to NY as planned…the lady has several cats and he is obsessed with them. He is healthy except he is having dental surgery this week, Neutered well behaved, crate trained house broken, good with kids, followed 8 year old around for days, gets along with other dogs, avoids trouble,  7 year old jack. About 20 pounds. No cats.


I have Tia I rescued from the hell of Floyd she was on her 2nd week, came home, of course she had kennel cough, she has had 10 days of antibiotics and is getting over it. Crate trained, I think she is house broken, I don’t know for sure. She is still in quarantine  here at my house.   About 13 pounds. Tia is sweet dog by herself, wants to be held. Seems to be afraid of my other dogs, growls at them, to soon to know much about her.


I have Missie  a sweet 1 year old puppy, house broken, crate trained, gets along with other dogs, is actually a pest to play with them, so other dogs need to be able to tolerate her antics. 13 pounds.


I am already plan on taking 4 dogs with me, so I am not leaving empty handed.

If you can help me find temporary fosters, I would be forever grateful, I know its a lot to ask I just dont know what else to do, my heart leads the way, I couldn’t let them die because its close to the holiday.