Petco's Current Mailer

The JRT: A Media/Marketing Marvel

As we mentioned in our previous blog entries, we met lots of awesome dog owners at SweetWater 420 Fest over the weekend. In chatting about dogs, the age-old question arose from several non-Jack owners: “Why focus on just one breed? Don’t they all need rescuing?” Absolutely! We couldn’t agree more. Even though we are partial to our Jacks, we definitely believe that every dog has a purpose, from the full-bred show dog to the mangy, little mutt … especially those mangy, little mutts. 😉

We then, of course, explained the plight of the Jack Russell: Along with Pitbulls, they are one of the most prominent breeds in shelters and have been for some time. Why? Because of television and movies. For decades now, Wishbone, Eddie, Milo, Skip and, most recently, Uggie have wooed our hearts with their brilliant antics and amazing personalities. They are small, compact and seem harmless enough, so the unknowing public races out to buy or adopt them … only to bring them home and discover they don’t have a Wishbone. Or an Eddie. Or an Uggie. Instead, they have a high-energy rubber ball who has dug 20 holes in their backyard and attacked their cat. So off (or back) to the shelter they go.

Petco's Current Mailer

Petco's Current Mailer

One influence we haven’t really talked about, though, is Jack Russells in marketing. Have you ever realized how prominent Jacks are in advertising? We literally just received this coupon package from Petco in the mail today. Guess who’s on the cover? And it’s not just pet products. It’s everything: Cars, appliances, condiments, insurance … you name it! JRTs are everywhere – in commercials, on packaging and in promotional flyers. And why wouldn’t they be? They’re one of the best breeds to photograph. They are natural-born posers and showboaters. Got camera? “I will pose!” They learn quickly and are always ready to try anything. In short, they are a cameraman’s dream.

So, what’s the point here? An ongoing explanation to non-Jack fans who may not understand our passion and our mission. For those who do, however, then you know we love the greatest breed on the planet. Once you go Jack, you never go back. They change our lives forever. Their never-ending presence in  the media and marketing is somewhat of a love/hate situation – one that makes us both go “awwww” and “ugh” simultaneously.

And, on a lighter note, we thought we would introduce a new poll and ask where you saw a Jack Russell for the first time. Please, feel free to elaborate and comment! (You can easily sign up for our website using your Facebook login)

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