Mama Donna hugging Sadie

Thank You from Mama Donna

Mama Donna doesn’t have time to go online and do much, but she asked that we share her direct thank you with all of the volunteers who came out and busted butt last Saturday during Volunteer Day … and on any given day. We really do have a rockin’ group of volunteers – and can always use more! If you live in the Atlanta area and would like to help out, please complete our volunteer application.


Mama Donna hugging Sadie

Mama Donna hugging Sadie

I want all of you to know how much I appreciate what all of you do for me and the dogs every day.  Saturday was over and beyond the normal things you do for the rescue but all of you are appreciated every day.

Auctions, t-shirts sent out, taking applications, Facebook, PayPal, driving dogs to the vet, taking care of sick dogs we find, begging for donations, raising money, scooping and water on the weekends – all the weekday/weekend warriors!  So much is done for the rescue I just get a little emotional when I have to talk about it.

There are no words that could ever express my gratitude for all you do for me and the dogs and ask for nothing in return. The rescue could not operate without all of you! This year has been the best year ever for the rescue, thanks to all of you, and we have more good things coming our way.

Then the others who have come to the rescue who just jumped right in! … Sandy,who I felt she has been there forever! Abby, who has been out several times and may be thinking, ‘What have I done,’ but even talked someone into coming with her!  The K’s, as we call you, with our little Pippa. Lily, Mike and little Carson, who is so adored. Jennifer, who brought  Susie, who Terry spoiled rotten … as if she already wasn’t … along with Pumpkin and Chuckie. Morgan, who made a special trip to see Oscar!

The weekend warriors – thanks to all of you!

(You are) so loved and, because of all of you, there are so many more in great homes that would never have made it out of the shelters.  Each of you should be so proud for being a part of saving so many dogs from the shelter.

When I see all the dogs who are so loved, I know why I do this.

The food was great; all of you worked so hard. I am eating leftover fruit and salad today for lunch!  Peach cobbler  – how good was that!  The ice cream man in my driveway! Yum!!!!!!!

Sally – a special thanks to you for helping with the inside dogs! Letting them lay in your truck!  The grilled food was the best!  I know you are recovering (and) that was a long day.

The clean up crew, who helped me take down the tent and throw away garbage and letting Skip have a little bite of  burger.  Skip now runs to the spot where the grill was! Please tell Britt thanks so much.  We need to have adjustments at the next event.