We don’t know what to say … we are simply speechless after last night’s Jack/Chow fundraiser in Decatur. The turnout was great, and the participation in the raffles and silent auction was phenomenal. We will be counting beans for awhile, but we’ll just say this for now: Your generosity is going to make a huge dent in our vet bill!

This was our first stab at such an event, and we appreciate all of the experienced folks like Laura Miller who gave us insight and direction and helped us pull this off. We learned a lot and, with that said, next year’s event is going to be even better!

Thank you again to all of our amazing sponsors who made this possible. Without their generous donations, we could not have pulled this off. When we started planning and looking at “discounted” rates, we had no idea how we could do it and still make money for the dogs. The investment was just too much. So imagine how blessed we felt when a ton of people stepped up and just flat-out gave their services to the dogs! On top of that, many of them actually worked the event or worked down to the wire with us in making things happen.

And without Pam Dooley offering up Plants Creative Landscapes’ beautiful new warehouse, we wouldn’t have had a place to party!

Of course, we can get donations all day long, but if no one shows up and/or participates, it’s all for naught. That, of course, was not the case. All of our friends, family and local supporters showed up, bid wildly on the silent auction items, bought tons of raffle tickets and, on top of all that, filled up the donation jars. Some folks went home with some fantastic items at some fantastic prices last night! We can’t wait to hear about your travels or see you putting your packages and items to good use!

Congratulations to Elaine Wiley for winning the Smoky Mountain cabin raffle! We will be in touch with you to arrange your visit!

Last but not least, a big thank you to all of the Chow and JRT volunteers. All of our folks were out in full force (and uniforms) last night and those who weren’t there were back at the ranch, cutting grass and taking care of dogs so Mama Donna could attend. A super shout out to Kim Davis, who took the reigns on this event for our group and brought it to a level we could never have imagined! You are a miracle worker for the dogs, Kim … and you can finally rest now. But we know you’re already thinking of other ways to help … That’s just you. 😉

We know we are gushing, but we just cannot thank everyone enough for making this happen. (If we forgot anyone, we apologize. We’re a little giddy right now.) You not only came through for the dogs, you can came through us. Rescue is a very financially risky “business” in which you don’t know if you’ll make it from week-to-week. It is a constant fight for funding to keep doing what we do, but thanks to you, Chap’s Chow Rescue and our rescue will be able to keep doing it for awhile longer!