Tessa Saying Goodbye

Tessa Takes Off

Saying goodbye is never easy … Some rescues say that, but we truly mean it – and have the tear stains to prove it. We are small but mighty and we grow to love each and every one of our silly Terriers.

Tessa arrived with a huge intake of dogs last summer. She was small, adorable and full-bred … and we thought she would go quickly. Slowly but surely, every one of her co-arrivals was adopted and she was ultimately left alone. Why? She had these silly little blemishes on her face and body. They turned out to be nothing but little cosmetic annoyances; warts caused by the papilloma virus with no threat except to affect her overall beauty. Nothing cancerous, thank dog!

Canine Commitment in New Hampshire had no problem with this, though. One of our volunteers has known one of their volunteers for decades and knew that they instill the same beliefs and the love of dog that we do. They are an amazing group with an even more amazing reputation for finding forever homes for dogs from the south … and providing them with just-as-amazing foster homes until they find their permanent one.

After some delays, our sweet girl left the ranch this morning destined for greatness. We dressed her up (she loves her hoodies/sweaters) and drove her to meet the Ruff Riders Transport with a blankie and food. (We hear it’s cold up there.) With tears in our eyes, we said goodbye and she is now on her way to her foster home, where we will enjoy all the comforts of a real home and family until her forever one is found.

We will keep you posted on her progress. We know we have plenty of supporters up north. If you are interested in giving her a forever home, please contact us and we will make sure to connect you with Canine Commitment and the adoption process.

Good luck, Tessa! We will miss your sunbathing smile, but know you are going to wonderful things. We’ll stop crying soon … we promise.