Slick as a football

Slick: Goodbye to a Legend

It is with much heartbreak  that we announce we lost our long-time sanctuary sweetheart, Slick, to cancer yesterday. Although some may feel sad that he "never found a home," he actually did. It was with us.
Roxy and Larry

In Memory of Roxy

Roxy left us for the Rainbow Bridge last night. We could paraphrase, but we think it comes best from her foster parents who have spent the last few weeks with her ...

In Memory of Jackson

We are all a bit stunned tonight as we say goodbye to Jackson tonight. This sweet man--who had been through so much the past couple of months--left us for the Rainbow Bridge this morning ... and took a little piece of us with him.
Dad and Octavia, playing in the pool

In Memory of Octavia

It's never easy to say goodbye to the dogs we've loved ... even after we've said goodbye once before. Octavia may have moved almost 350 miles away from us last year, but we she always remained--and will remain--a part of our rescue family.
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Year in Review 2014: March

March both came in and went out like a lamb this year ... and we were thankful after a "ruff" winter ... well, for the South, at least. We welcomed spring with a photo contest and an awesome chance to appear on TV ... and we said goodbye to our special rock star, Jerry Lee.
Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry Goes Home ... Forever

It's another Sunday at rescue. Poop is getting scooped, water bowls are getting refreshed, and dogs are being walked. But there's something that none of us can ignore: That empty kennel. It's the first one we all see when we pull up to rescue; the one that housed Dirty Harry, who was notorious for welcoming everyone in his own way. He loved some folks; he warned away others. Whatever he did, however, he was Dirty Harry.