Kennedy at laser treatment
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Kennedy's Progress

Kennedy had the sixth laster treatment on Saturday. This is the final treatment of our "trial" period suggested by Dr. Smith, and we wanted to share an update ... not to mention these adorable photos. He has managed to woo every vet and vet tech he meets.
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Fostering ... and the Art of Letting Go

We have another wonderful success story from the Knight family ... and Boe. ;) Abby originally wrote this on Sept. 15, but Bunny had just gone home with her new parents, Tyler and Brittany Hodnett, and we wanted to give them time to settle in and adjust before announcing it, which we were able to do on Facebook earlier this week.
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Bunny Hops to Foster

Call her what you will (we still have to refer to her as Bunny as she is listed and linked everywhere under that name on our networks), Bunny is a pint-sized package of playfulness. She was recently spayed and is now living the good life in her fabulous foster home; the same fosters who shared their first-time experience with Jessie, who is now living the good life.
Meeting Mama
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Jessie: A Foster Success!

Several of you have been following Jessie’s foster story via the great updates from foster mom, Abby. Mom kept us updated every week on her progress; so much so that we couldn’t keep up publicly, but were elated to know how well she had been doing these past five weeks on a personal basis. This was the family’s first time at fostering and, despite all of the encouragement to “fail” like so many of us, they held steadfast to their mission of being a foster … and they succeeded!
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Jessie: It's the Little Things

Jessie has been in foster care for a few weeks now ... and her mom is keeping a journal we just love. She's still available for adoption and, as you can see, is going to make someone an amazing forever dog. She's loving, patient, funny, laidback and sweet as all honey ...
Jessie in Foster
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Jessie: A First-Time Foster Experience

Fostering a rescue dog is about much more than just taking a dog into your home. It's about teaching a rescue dog how to live in a home. Some dogs' situations are more challenging than others, especially the ones who have spent most of or their entire lives living outdoors--in the backyard or in breeding kennels. And then there are other dogs who just leap into your arms and are ready to adjust to and learn everything. Jessie is the latter.
Mr. Wiggles

Mr. Wiggles: Lessons from a Foster Family

Over the past year, Kevin and Elisa Schwutke have been a “dogsend” to the group. They are currently fostering Chad, but prior to Chad, they fulfilled the ultimate foster mission three times: To foster a dog from rescue to adoption. Mr. Wiggles was one of those three. Read his story below.
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Sam and Ossa: Both Sides of the Foster Story

To promote our push for fosters, we are sharing some stories from our fosters throughout the years. They all have unique and wonderful experiences – some short-term, some long-term and, yes, some permanent. The Brewsters have had a very unique experience in fostering: They fostered one dog (Sam) to the point of adoption, then took in another dog (Breeze) who was really down on his luck. They cared for him and nursed him from rescue, through the trials and triumphs of overcoming (and almost losing) a broken leg, to making the decision to add him to their family.