Who let the dogs out?! And who gave them a Scrabble board and SweetWater? Tsk, tsk.

Former GA JRT rescue, Ricky (that’s him passed out on the right), and his friend, Isis Maria, recently indulged in an all-night board game marathon. Things got a little carried away … and they took selfies. But now they’re using that selfie to promote their favorite rescue in hopes of bringing home a $2,000 grant for vet bills.

You see, they love their favorite local brewery … er, we mean … their people parents’ favorite local brewery, SweetWater Brewing Company. They have been so good to us and other nonprofits on so many occasions with their fabulous GivesBack program.

We were selected as one of the top 20 participants and now we need your vote. You can vote daily; sometimes more. Haven’t really figured out their algorithm. Go go … try … now. Vote!

And don’t forget! SweetWater will be hosting another Brew Night to benefit our rescue on Aug. 3. See you then!