Sweethearts with Surgeries

We hate to share the negative, but this is the world of rescue: Sometimes it’s unavoidable.

We have two (former) rescues who desperately need our help right now. As you know, we never stop thinking or caring about our sweethearts once they leave. Whenever possible, we also keep our doors open for their return if things don’t work out. Whether they are with us for a couple of weeks or a few years, we grow to love each of them and can’t fathom them having to suffer in any way.


First we have our wonderful Peyton, who was just adopted a week ago after spending five long years with us. Before he left, we had him checked out by a vet (not our usual one), who discovered a couple of lumps under his skin. It was biopsied and came back fine … but we found out today that the lab confused his results with another dog’s. What?!

Unfortunately, his lumps are cancerous and need to be removed immediately. His new JRT sister and he have not been getting along, either, so he will be coming back to Atlanta from Alabama this weekend to have his surgery … and to return to his kennel, which we were hoping would house someone new. It is unfortunate, but this is something we can handle … unlike our other beloved sweetheart …

Minnie P

Minnie P is in desperate shape. She was adopted from us a few years ago, but we just found out that she recently jumped out of the back of a pickup and was hurt badly. (We cannot stress enough: Never put your dog in the back of a truck.) Her pelvis was broken, and the family could not afford the surgery to repair it. They were crate resting her as alternative, but she wasn’t mending. We couldn’t stand the thought of her in pain, so we asked our vet to perform the surgery, which he did on Monday. She pulled through, but is having a hard time and is not out of the woods yet. (Please, say a little prayer for her this crucial first week.) We’re scared to know what the bill is going to be and do not know how it’s going to get paid. We just know we couldn’t let her suffer.

These are some photos of this beautiful girl before the accident. We didn’t want to share any of her right now, but we will as soon as she is doing a little better. 🙁

[nggallery id=98]

So … now what?

With Fancy’s arrival yesterday, Peyton’s return this weekend and Minnie P’s long recovery ahead, we are once again struggling for funds and space. (Hey, we had a couple of good days!) So, once again, we are turning to our friends and supporters to help us help them and keep doing this.

We’ve started ChipIns for both surgeries. If you have some spare change in the couch, we could desperately use it to pay the medical expenses. (There are some discounts, but not many.) If you can’t view the ChipIns below (they are in Flash and not visible on iPhones or iPads), you can use the general donation page and mention that it’s for Minnie P or Peyton’s surgery in the special notes. Thank you for everything. We literally cannot do this without your help. We will keep you posted on their progress.