Sweet Sofie Needs Someone

We are still at capacity and unable to take on any new rescues because of the Flashpoint situation, so this is a third-party post for adoption/foster.

This is Sofie and this is her story from her Mom, who hates to have to let her go, but wants her to have a good life. She is 26 lbs., UTD on all shots and spayed. Temperament is great; she just isn’t able to have the human contact she deserves on a daily basis.

If you would like to foster or adopt her, please contact Nancy at ntonline@cox.net. She is not at our rescue.

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“Some folks in Macon suggested I contact you about adopting out my dog Sofie. Sofie is a calm but outgoing and energetic 10-year-old Jack. For the first five years of her life, I worked part-time, but now I have taken a full time job. Until last year Sofie spent half of her week with my sister and her dog, cats and children, while I was working. However, my sister and family have moved, so Sofie’s world has become quite small. (I have a fenced in yard, where Sofie stays when I’m at work.)

About a year ago, my neighbor called me to say that Sofie was whining and crying (not barking) in the afternoons or evenings before I got home. We thought it might be the winter darkness or my hours, so I tried several strategies to improve the situation. I’ve always exercised her, but I also changed her diet and my leaving and returning routines. I thought I had “solved” the problem.

Within the past two months, my original neighbor, plus two others. have told me that Sofie is crying still, apparently for extended periods. She exhibits no separation anxiety when I leave in the morning. She is just too lonely and her world is too small for such an intelligent dog, as there will be weeks when I am the only living thing she spends time with.

We tried having my sister’s dog live with us, but that didn’t seem to solve the situation.

Sofie is healthy, trained, and has been loved all of her life. She will sit and wait for food or treats until given permission to eat, and she will not go into “off limits” rooms. Her favorite thing is chasing tennis balls on land or in water. Please help me find a new home where she will be happy.

Thank you for considering my situation. I love my puppy and want the best for her.”