We are currently AT CAPACITY and not accepting any new surrenders at this time. Please, check back later and/or read below for other options. Thank you.

Surrendering a Dog

Although our mission is to help re-home Jack Russells, it is just as important to us to educate as many people as possible and keep dogs out of shelters and rescues and where they belong — in homes with their families.

You may think that you’re doing “the best thing” for your dog by finding him or her a home that “has more time for him” or “can give him the home he deserves.” In actuality, most dogs are better off remaining in the home they know and love, if their owners can provide 15 minutes a day of attention, a safe environment, food and water.

Did you find a dog without a tag?

  • Many pets lose their collars when they have gotten lost, but many have been microchipped. Take him/her to your or a local vet or animal shelter. They can scan him/her to see if they can locate the owner.
  • If a dog is running lose, contact your county animal shelter. Rescues do not have legal rights to pick up dogs. Dogs are considered property, and we would literally be stealing if we took them without the owner’s permission.

Did you get your dog from a breeder?

  • If yes, contact your breeder. Most reputable breeders will offer a contract in which they will accept the dog back if it doesn’t work out.

Did you get your dog from a rescue organization?

  • If yes, contact them. Most rescues will offer a contract in which they will accept the dog back if it doesn’t work out.

New baby in the family?


  • There are plenty of places that will accept pets. For a full list, visit People With Pets

Don’t have enough time for your dog?

  • Although Jacks do require a little more exercise than other breeds, a mere 15 minutes of one-on-one time has been proven to keep dogs healthy, happy and well-adjusted. Whether it’s going for a walk or just relaxing and watching TV, those 15 minutes a day can help both of you reduce stress and add years to your lives … and no one has to lose their home.

Jack Russell with suitcase

Are there behavioral issues?

Please note: Rescues cannot accept dogs who are aggressive and/or bite. They are a liability, and we can be sued.

  • If your dog is encountering a sudden onset of behavioral issues, it is usually physical or health related. Be sure to visit your vet and explain what is happening ASAP.
  • If it is not health-related, seek professional training. Most behavioral issues are through no fault of the dog’s, but the owner’s, especially when children or other pets are involved. Many parents, especially new ones, do not know how to teach children to interact with dogs and children can seem threatening to some dogs, especially Jacks. It’s important to train the trainer. These are some local trainers with whom we have worked and highly recommend. Some offer classes, some will come to your home.

Experiencing financial issues?

Out-of-State Surrenders

Please note, our main focus is to help dogs in Georgia’s kill shelters. They are the greatest at-risk dogs, and the shelters here are always full with Terriers. They must be our priority. We are a small rescue and only have volunteer transports, so driving to other states to pick up a surrender is not an option for us.

We do, however, know of several other wonderful Jack Russell rescues outside of Georgia, including:

Third-Party Posts

We cannot post third-party/courtesy listings on our websites because of potential legal issues. Dogs must be in our possession and must be temperament tested by our team before we can list them.

If you have a dog you are trying to re-home yourself (which is often a better option), there are several online databases with good traffic designed solely for this purpose, including and the Facebook page, Georgia Jacks.

Craig’s List Warning

DO NOT list your dogs on sites like Craig’s List, especially for free.

Thieves can either:

  1. Resell your dog to others; or
  2. Sell your dog to a science laboratory for experiments.
  3. Find something even more nefarious to do with him or her.

If someone is not willing or able to pay a small adoption fee, they are often not willing or able to take care of your dog. Unless you personally know them or they are a legitimate rescue, they are often not doing you “a favor” by taking your dog “off your hands.”