Despite the crushing loss of Harry Saturday night, last weekend was great, adoption wise! We’ll have more later, but here’s one we can already announce …

Police officer Heather, her mom, and her “Teagle” mix Sadie drove all the way from Mississippi to speed date with our rescue boys on Sunday. They were all very open to whomever Sadie picked, but she and Sparky hit it off immediately. They spent a lot of time in the field with him, getting to know him and making sure it was a fit, but Sadie had made up her mind. “The boy is mine!”

Sparky has had several folks visit the past few weeks, looking to adopt him, but other dogs have worked out better for those families. Not this time! It’s only been a day, but Mom emailed today to say it’s official – he’s a member of their family now, and we could not be happier.

Way to go, sweet boy. We knew you were going to find just the right match. How could you not? You’re kind of a perfect, little man, and Heather was a perfect mom.