Happy Hump Day! It’s definitely one for us as we have an adoption to announce! Just three days after leaving the ranch, we have already received word from Sparky’s new family that he will not be coming back. Woohoo!

Nicole and her husband, Jeff, came out last Sunday to meet our sweet, little fire dog. They were looking for a new friend for their JRT/Rat mix, Minnie, who was had just lost her 16-year-old JRT brother and was lost without him. The meet n’greet went wonderfully! Both dogs were interested in each other, but knew when to give one another space — the perfect match!

Sparky is now named Andy, after Andy Griffith. Mom says his tail wags like a metronome! He is doing great in his new home with his family and will have an amazing life, being the spoiled boy he was meant to be! He has a huge fenced yard, where he can run around with Minnie and hunt for squirrels—just like a JRT should 🙂

Congratulations, sweetheart! Go forth and be life the life, little man!