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Second Life’s Grant

It has been a crazy two weeks around rescue – then again, when is it not? – but we didn’t want to waste another day without publishing a huge THANK YOU to Second Life Atlanta for helping us help the dogs.

A Chance at a Grant

Several weeks ago, one of our volunteers noticed that this wonderful local thrift store was giving grants to local, needy rescues such as ourselves. Another one of our volunteers, who lives in the area of the store and has supported/frequented this awesome business venture over the years, immediately went to work on the paperwork.

In addition to our ever-accumulating vet bills (these guys and gals just can’t seem to stay out of trouble), we are always in need of supplies, indoor/outdoor kennel improvements and repairs, crates and weatherproofing year-round to keep our rescues safe and comfortable. We rely solely on personal donations and grants to be able to do this.


Toby Tobias, right, and Second Chance staffers/volunteers celebrating with us at our Jack/Chow fundraiser last weekend.

Toby Tobias, right, and Second Life staffers/volunteers celebrating the dogs with us at our Jack/Chow fundraiser last weekend.

Imagine our excitement when owners Tanya and Toby Tobias (and several of their staff/volunteers) showed up at our Jack/Chow fundraiser last weekend to personally tell us that our application had been received – and approved! The check was in the mail! We cannot tell them thank you enough and feel so fortunate to have been chosen.

You know us – we’ll be taking plenty of photos and giving reports on how the money is being used to improve the lives of our JRTs.

We want to make sure that Second Life keeps giving second lives to other dogs, so …

About Second Life

Their Amazing Mission

Second Chance logoFor those who may not know, Second Life is an amazing, upscale thrift store in Avondale Estates  that was created with the mission of giving homeless pets a second chance at life. They sell gently-used clothing, home decorations and furniture and, in turn, use those proceeds to support animal rescue charities and programs like ours with much-needed cash donations.

Our volunteers have donated to and shopped at their store (located at 1 N. Clarendon Avenue in Avondale Estates) many times and highly encourage you to do so as well. There’s nothing like saving money while shopping for a cause!

Donate to the Dogs

Second Life needs donations to keep doing what they do and we encourage our friends, family and supporters to help them keep helping others. They are in need of gently-used clothing, household items, furniture, books, CDs, DVDs and more – almost anything in good condition. See their donations page for more details!