What a great way to start the day! Former GA JRT rescues Maxie, Cooper, Oscar and Kennedy headed to a local Atlanta middle school today with their adopted moms to spend some time with some wonderful students. The students are part of the Pet Rescue Club, which meets every week to find ways to get involved with rescue work in the community.

Led by Ms. Walden, who is a rescue advocate herself, the club visits rescues, collects donations for rescues/shelters, makes items for animals in shelters (blankets, toys, etc.), and learns about and shares different ways to raise awareness for homeless animals. Our rescue was blessed to have received many wonderful items from them during their recent holiday drive for us.

As part of the program, guest speakers visit the group to teach them about responsible pet ownership, taking care of medical needs, and the importance of rescuing and adopting. Members of Team Russell (our volunteers) were fortunate to be the guests today and share not only the stories of how this adorable foursome went from homeless to happiness but also some information about Jack Russells in general and the mission of our rescue.

Thanks to all of these young ambassadors for animals for having us and, more importantly, for making a difference in the plight of rescue. We had a blast!


Now 10 years old, Maxie spent the first half of her life in a breeding kennel, making babies, having never touched grass or climbed stairs. She was frightened of both when she was adopted a little over five years ago by our volunteer/spokesperson, Kim, and has slowly but surely learned to be a “regular dog.” She absolutely loves kids, so this morning was as much a treat for her as it was the students.


Most everyone knows Kennedy, who is always an example of never giving up. Thanks to your contributions, he received “his wheels” a little over a year ago and has been rolling after his beloved ball and making public appearances for the rescue ever since. His forever foster mom/volunteer, Bonnie, loves to share his story everywhere he goes. Despite his physical challenges, this boy has no intention of slowing down any time soon.


Oscar was at our rescue for six months and never barked. We thought he was just a very polite dog, which he definitely is quite the gentleman. It wasn’t until he was adopted by mom, Morgan, that she had him tested and discovered he was completely deaf. She has been working with him for the past couple of years, teaching him hand signals and commands. Here they are, showing off what they have both learned to the students.


Cooper was born into the rescue a few years ago after her four-legged mom, Bridget, was saved by a sponsor from a deceased backyard breeder’s family and brought to us. We didn’t realize at the time that Bridget was actually pregnant. She gave birth to nine puppies; six of them made it, including little Coop. She was snatched up by the Jack Pack and has been serving as a goodwill ambassador – and visitor kisser – ever since.