For the second time within a month, we are left with a hole in our hearts.

We’ve been so worried about Little Buddy after the loss of his beautiful Blizzard on June 9, that we never expected another loss …

On Sunday night, little Sassy developed a nasty cough. Mama Donna rushed her to the vet first thing Monday morning. Sassy had, had ongoing medical issues since her arrival back in 2006, so we were particularly worried. She had pneumonia, her heart was enlarged, and there was fluid in her lungs. Our vet said the next 12 hours would be touch-and-go … and they were.

There were some high points, but, unfortunately, her little old heart just couldn’t deal with it and she left us for the Rainbow Bridge earlier this afternoon.

Many of you may not know Sassy. Actually, a lot of Team Russell doesn’t even know Sassy. She arrived in 2006 from a breeder and was terrified of everyone and everything. Her teeth were rotten and she had, had so many babies that her glands were infected. She wouldn’t even let Jimmy or Mama Donna touch her for weeks. And once she did, they were the only people she let near her. She wasn’t aggressive in the least; just incredibly scared and would run.

She was so shy that she inevitably became a part of Donna and Jimmy’s permanent pack. There was a always a hope that she would find a forever home, but it would have taken someone very special.

For those of us who did know and cared for her on a daily basis, though, we loved this silly girl beyond words. Who could forget what a great sleeper she was and how hard it was to wake her up? She hopped like a bunny and, oftentimes when she did, she, oops, farted! She was very much a house dog. The jaunts outside to pee were great, but when she was done, it was bark ‘n dance time to get back inside.

And Baby? Let’s not forget her buddy, Baby. Those two were an inseparable big sister/little sister duo. Big ‘ole Baby is just as scared of strangers and strange noises as Sassy was, but brazenly served as protection for Sassy everywhere they went and with everyone they reluctantly greeted (no cameras allowed, you paparazzi people).

These past few months were particularly the best of Sassy’s life. She started to come out of the house (and her shell) more. She grew accustomed to meeting new people; to becoming socialized with other dogs. Even though her eyesight was going and she missed the gate a time or two, she always knew where home was … and how to make us smile.

Goodbye, Sweet Sassy. We couldn’t control what happened to you those first few years, but we hope the last eight were as great as they could have been. Say hello to Blizzard, Jimmy and the gang. We’ll miss your silliness.

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Although Sassy was Donna’s dog, she arrived as a rescue and was a pinnacle for rescue. If you would like to make a donation in her memory for the rescues, you can by clicking the Donate button below …