Although Thanksgiving is over, we are still very thankful. For what, you might ask? So many things, but especially … drum roll, please … another successful adoption!

Emily Fulkerson of Florida lost her 15-year-old Jack baby a few weeks ago and wasn’t sure she was ready for another one for awhile. But when she kept going back to Sasha’s page and story, she knew it was meant to be! She put in an application and headed up to meet Sasha with her handsome 10-year-old Weimaraner, Gator, on Sunday. Gator had been adopted several years ago and had little training. Emily and her family worked with him to turn him into a wonderfully-behaved boy, and it showed in the respect and space he gave Sasha when they met.

Emily knew that Sasha has some fears she is still overcoming, mostly with men and sometimes with other dogs. This inevitably came as a result from being abandoned at the kill shelter with her two pups a few months ago. It is something her fosters have been working with her on, and the change was obvious when Sasha saw Emily, wagged her tail, and ran up to her. By the end of their meet and greet, she and Gator were eating side-by-side as well.

We usually give our adopters days or even weeks to settle in and give us the go-ahead to announce, but Emily has already written and sent photos to announce, “It’s a done deal!”

We are so happy that this little girl has found such a patient and loving home in which she will continue to grow and flourish. She will now BE the baby instead of having babies and she’ll never know another shelter or rescue again. And for that? We are always thankful.