Here’s a feel-good story for your holiday. Rusty has gone home!

Chris and Mary Chandler came out Sunday to meet our sweet man. They are wonderful, very dog/Jack-savvy people with a huge fenced yard, doggie door, and lots of daily walks – a paradise for any Jack! That’s why they had have Jacks for so many years.

Their remaining “Jack” (who actually grew up to “not” be a Jack), Hunter, was looking for a new playmate, so they brought her out to meet the dogs. Chris had already fallen for Rusty online and was hoping it would work out between Hunter and him. Although Rusty is well-socialized, he does tend to get a little overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) by other dogs sometimes. That wasn’t the case with Hunter. They licked faces, gave kisses, and the rest was history. Rusty, of course, worked his snuggly, cuddly charms with Chris and Marry, just in case.

Congratulations, Rusty, on making it home for the holidays! We’ll miss your sweet energy around here, but are so happy for you. You deserve this happiness.