Happy weekend! Let’s kick it off with another … drum roll, please … happy tail!

While most of Team Russell was racing in circles last Saturday afternoon, prepping things for the big reunion, other members were meeting with a couple of prospective parents and their beautiful Doberman, Morgan, about adopting baby Ruby. It took us several weeks, many applications, and tons of interviews with wonderful folks to finally find the right forever family. It was a very difficult selection process (as all of our our dogs are, especially the babies), but in the end, Sara and Diane turned out to be the best candidates. They lost their JRT in June and were ready to welcome another baby into their home.

They were incredibly JRT savvy; they had a perfect home and yard with tons of time to devote to her upbringing; and their vet could not sing their praises high enough. One look at the beautiful and well-mannered Morgan and we knew she would have a great life … and she is.

She is now known as Zubi and has settled into her new home wonderfully this week. She loves playing with her big sister and romping in her big yard with a fish pond and waterfalls.

Way to go, kiddo! We can’t wait to see who she’s going to grow up to be.