So, first of all … Happy Friday! Second of all … Rocky has (finally) gone home! YEP!

Some of you have already figured out that he’s “mysteriously” disappeared from our websites after his debut on Susie’s Senior Dogs a couple of weeks ago. That’s because Mary McClughen of Ohio fell in love with him and drove down to get him!

We were besides ourself over this adoption. If we didn’t bawl our eyes out as he left, we certainly cried like idiots afterwards. He had been through so much after being “saved” a couple of years ago from a “so-called rescue” who left him and several other Terriers for dead. He was sweet as any good boy could be, but had some pancreatic issues and, it appears now, a heart murmur, too, because of his former heartworm issue.

That didn’t really seem to matter to Mary (a pharmacist) or her parents, who are happy to play grandparents to a senior baby. She knew he was imperfectly perfect and took him home anyway … and we have all waited with baited breath for the final word to say, “Yes! He’s ours.”

And now? After two+plus years of waiting so patiently in his kennel, this precious, loving, amazingly-sweet boy has an equally-amazing home!

We know we always say you are the reason we do what we do, but seriously? You are! This boy was so much a part of our everyday life. We will miss him like mad, but finally! He is where he’s supposed to be.