Rocky enjoyed a “Day Away” today with his staff pick, Kim. This boy has been with us for way, way too long and we never understand why. He’s so amazing, sweet and smart. 

“Hey everyone! Rocky man here. I’ve heard some people say “Sunday, Funday” and today I found out … it’s a real thing!  Kim, one of my favorite volunteers, came to pick me up this morning and told me we were going on a field trip. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I soon figured out, that it is a GOOD thing – yippee!  

We went to Lenora Church Park, which is very near the JRT Ranch. They have beautiful walking trails and people and dogs go there to take nice walks. I saw other dogs who were curious to meet me and I didn’t even bark or get too excited about it. People said hello to me and told me how cute I was. Kim told these nice people I was looking for my forever family, and they think I will find one soon. I sure hope so.

We walked for about 45 minutes, and I LOVED sniffing all these new places. There are a LOT of things there that need to be sniffed and inspected – who knew?!? I walk really well on a leash, so I know I’m going to have another day out real soon. Miss Kim promised me! We had a nice little rest in the parking lot, drank some water, and then headed back to the ranch. I was a VERY good boy in the car and I think I could get used to taking a few rides every now and then.

Well, that’s it from me. I hope you all have a “Sunday, Funday” too!”

We are loving these “Day Away” jaunts for our rescues—be it downtown strolls, park playdates, toy shopping, or organized JRT events, it’s been awesome! Our volunteers have been coming to rescue and taking some of the dogs out and about for a few hours to stay socialized withe everyone, get exercise and, well, just enjoy being a dog. It’s just one of a hundred things you can do for a dog as a volunteer.