Rocket Man’s Pawsitive Experience

Rocket went on a field trip today that was different than his usual trips to the field. He went to the Barker Lounge to meet Lisa Matthews, owner of Pawsitive Practice Training, and two of her great trainers: April and Hector.

A few weeks ago, we put a call out on our Facebook page to find a qualified trainer who might be willing to assess him and see what we can do to make him adoptable. He is one of two of our rescues who has severe fear-aggression issues that prevent them from being adoptable. He is very fearful of new visitors to the rescue, but once he gets familiar with a person, he does very well. Our volunteers find him irresistible and love playing ball with him. Sadly, training is not something we can normally afford, but we all felt this handsome, six-year-old man deserved a chance to find his forever home just like everyone else.

Lisa responded to our request almost immediately. We had met her at several adoption events and were impressed with her, yes, “pawsitive” methods (via Victoria Stilwell). After some scheduling delays, we were able to make it happen today. Unfortunately, the rescue was awry with activities this morning and we were late arriving, but the assessment was very thorough and a great experience for all of us. Lisa and her team were all very professional and encouraging, and Rocket quickly began to work through his initial fears and trust them.

He is definitely going to require training and socialization and he probably will not be adoptable to a family with young children as sudden movements are quick triggers. But there definitely is hope! We are going to review our schedules and budget and see what we can do to help him work through his fears. If you would like to sponsor Rocket, we will use it towards his rehabilitation and, of course, will keep everyone posted on what happens next and his progress.

Thanks so much to Lisa and her team for taking time out on a Sunday to do this for him. Thanks for your patience waiting on us and, even more, for the wonderful way you made Rocket (and us!) feel comfortable.

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