OK, long-time GA JRT supporters, you are not seeing things … Yes, this IS Rocket and, yes, he was out and about in public and in the arms of someone who loves him. In fact, he’s been in a home for the very first time in his long kennel life this past week. We were keeping things tight-lipped to see how they went and they are going wonderfully, so we can spill the beans …

A little over a week ago, Michael and Andrea contacted us about fostering. Andrea works with dogs everyday and is very aware of the fear-aggression issues Rocket has. They came to meet him last weekend. Rocket’s track record has been to (yikes) snip at and even bite strangers, which is why we had accepted that he would be a lifer until he found someone experienced in dealing with his issues. When Rocket met them, he was as smitten with them as they were with him. Within no time, they were all hanging out in the field and playing, something Rocket has only been confident enough to do with volunteers he’s met several times in the past.

He’s been with them a week now and was already out and about in public, socializing and learning to be a regular dog! He even stopped by our tent at Rucker yesterday to say hello, showing zero aggression or anxiety. Mom says he has bonded tightly with Dad and his brother, Lucky, and we could see it in a heartbeat.

We are besides ourselves with happy tears. The miracles that have taken place the past six months with our senior, special-needs and/or long-time kennel dogs have just left us speechless … The Internet/social media has brought so many incredible people into our lives who are looking to help our dogs that we are simply blown away. Thank you, Michael, Andrea and everyone who has made a huge difference in the lives of our dogs. You remind us why we do what we do.