jack russell terrier, pumpkin, napping, carriage ride

Puppies ‘n Pumpkin

What a good month we have had at rescue! All six of the Doxie pups went to new homes within days. (Are your surprised?) We will be posting photos of the proud new parents soon. Thank you to all of the wonderful people who gave Annie’s babies forever homes. Now we just need to find Mama a home.

Pumpkin, formerly known as Tyler who was featured in our Hungry ‘n Hurt Baby post a few weeks back, is now living the life in her new foster home with Jennifer Roose and family. She has gained weight and enjoys everything from playing ball and taking daily walks, to going on horse-drawn carriage rides and hanging out with horses. Here are a couple of pictures Jen uploaded to our Facebook page to share her wonderful progress.

jack russell terrier, pumpkin, napping, carriage ride

Ruff life of a Carriage Dog

jack russell rescue, tennis ball, foster home

Ball-Hungry Pup