Eli resting

Eli back home and resting.

So, everyone … this is not a post we ever want(ed) to write, much less on Donna’s birthday. Life just isn’t &*($ fair sometimes. But we did want to keep you in the loop as so many of you love the legacy that is Eli and Eleanor and you watch their cam everyday >> http://bit.ly/1nmZyfA

This morning, Eli did not want to get up and go out or even eat. If you’ve met this boy, you know that he’s a puppy 10x over. He always welcomes the day and wants to go play. His breathing was labored, and we knew something was very, very wrong.

Mama Donna rushed him to the vet, who did thorough bloodwork and x-rays and, on one of those x-rays, something very suspicious turned up. It appears to be a tumor on his lung. If you’ve ever had a dog with lung cancer, you know what this means … and it isn’t good.

Doc sent him home with some meds to help with an additional respiratory infection, but we’ve been in this game long enough to know that when a tumor shows up on x-ray in a typically-inoperative area and doc says, “Take him home, keep him comfortable, spoil him and bring him back in two weeks,” things aren’t good.

We’re still processing this news; still trying to make sense of it; still thinking outside the box on what is possible to help him at this point. And, for now, our wonderful rock star and patriarch of rescue will be spoiled and loved. We will cross the bridges with him as they come. He’s back home and resting.