Prayers for Bandit

We would like to ask everyone for your help and we promise it won’t cost a dime. We received a special email this morning. As you can imagine, most of the mail we receive is from frantic owners or shelter volunteers, seeking a rescue for a down-on-their-luck Jack Russell, or wonderful updates from our adopted babies’ families. This e-mail was from Joy Black, and her request (see below) was heartbreaking, but definitely something we intend on helping with – prayers for her very sick and very loved baby, Bandit.

Bandit is sick and needs our prayers.

Bandit is sick and needs our prayers.

Bandit “rescued” his Mom many years ago when she needed it most and now he needs help. He has a mass on his vertebrae that needs to be removed, but cannot be addressed until he recovers from additional health issues. (More details below in Mom’s email.) We have a wonderful group of supporters who have one thing in common: The love of Jack Russells. Blessed that we are, we would like to request a prayer circle for Bandit. Prayers, of course, can come in any and all forms – spoken, lighting a candle, sending energy, leaving a comment below … whatever your belief is and/or what you are comfortable doing.

We will stay in touch with Joy and keep everyone updated on Bandit’s progress. Thank you so much for your support.

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Joy’s Prayer Request

Hi, My name is Joy. I have a now 8 yr old JRT named Bandit. He is the light of my life. He came to me at a time when my precious Tippy(chihuahua mix) died of lung cancer, My grand mother died of lung cancer a week later and then I was assaulted the following week. I was devastated and heartbroken and had no faith in humanity. A friend of mine saw a listing in the paper about a woman locally in south GA(where I was raised and lived up until 7 yrs ago) that was rescuing JRTs. She has just taken in a mama who was neglected and pregnant. Needless to say, she had 8 little bundles of joy and was giving them away basically for a small rehoming fee. My friend suggested that I go and at least look. He knew that my Tipster could never be replaced and neither could my grandmother but at least I could find some love that I felt was lacking in my life then.

Long story short, I went and looked at all the puppies and really wasnt interested until this one lonely little male away from the group came walking up to me. He picked me. I could see it in his eyes. He was the runt of the bunch and Im sure picked on and needed love too.

Well here it is 8 yrs later and my boy has been the only thing in the world that matters to me. I never could have children so he is just as special as a human child and spoiled rotten to boot. He is truly a really short human in a fur coat with 4 legs and a bark.

Now, just recently, exactly a week ago, he was running in the yard playing with my standard poodles and he injured his back, or so we thought. Rushing him to the vet we found out he has a mass on his vertebrae at T6-7 area an an injury at T3-4. After being on pain meds and anti inflamatories for a week hoping to help the injury,yesterday he got worse…. he is now having stomach issues and in a lot of pain at times. The pain meds and prednisone had to be stopped in lieu of stomach meds to try to decrease the obvious stomach pain and while it has worked, his back is still a primary issue. We cannot even pursue the mass until we at least get him to where he can take meds to comfort him.

I cant imagine my life without him and Vet says we are going to try everything to help him and keep him from suffering.

I guess what Im asking for is prayers… We need all the prayers we can get for his healing and his life to be pain free again. It is truly disheartening and I know you and your organization, who deal with this wonderful breed would understand and at least pray for my Bandit. Im attaching his pic below before he got the injury and before his life has been consumed with this. This pic is him and his faithful brown bunny that he totes EVERYWHERE and has for years!

Thanks in advance for any and all prayers you and your organization can offer up in Bandit’s name,

– Joy and Bandit