If you have used SocialVest in the past to shop online and donate percentages of those purchases to the rescue, you may have noticed some changes lately. They are now owned by Plan G. The name has changed, but the purpose is the same. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear they have an app for this yet, so …  Yeah, that’s unfortunate.

If you’ve never heard about this awesome opportunity to give money to our nonprofit just by shopping at your favorite places, here’s how …

Sign Up or Log In

First, point your browsers Plan G’s website. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the dog and kitty. 😉

Shop for GA JRT Rescue with Plan G

If you were using SocialVest before, select Log In and either enter your email/password or connect with your Facebook account. If you’re new to both, go to Sign Up and either enter your preferred account information or, if applicable, link it up with your Facebook account.

Plan G Login

Install the Extension/App

Once you’re logged in, click the Shop button at the top. The browser sniffer should detect with browser you have and offer you the chance to install the app to help track your purchases.

Install Plan G Extension


Go Shopping!

Once installed, you’ll see the little “g” logo in your browser address bar. Now, when you visit sites that have partnered with Plan G, you’ll see an alert, letting you know what percentage of your purchase will be donated to the cause of your choice. PLEASE NOTE: If you need to get something locally and quickly, you can order online and pickup your product at most stores. That counts the same as if you order something and have it shipped! How cool is that?!

Plan G Toolbar

If the app doesn’t work in your browser or app, you can still shop by going to the Shop page and searching or browsing for your favorite store out of more than 250 offerings.

Shop at Plan G


Donate Your Earnings

After you’ve done some shopping, you’ll notice your accrual on your account. Customer service tells us it can take 2 weeks or 2 days to appear, depending on the merchant. When you’re ready to donate, just go to the Donate page and search for Georgia Jack Russell Rescue. You can favorite us, so we’re linked to your account, or just click the donate button.

Donate to GA JRT Rescue with Plan G

Here, you can designate how much you want to donate. You can even mention who it’s for or who it’s in memory of.

Doante to GA JRT Rescue using Plan G

When you’re done, just click that Donate button and receive a feel-good message and email for what you’ve just done!

Doante to GA JRT Rescue using Plan G

And now? Get to shopping again!