Pippa Deserves Her Puppyhood Back

We know we ask for your help a lot, but we don’t apologize: It’s always for the dogs. And this one really has our hearts heavy with concern.

Pippa arrived at our rescue last week and we were able to take her in, thanks to an open kennel left by Matilda’s wonderful adoption (yea!). This little girl is simply precious. We can’t think of another word more suitable for this pint-sized body of love and affection—which is amazing given the way she has been treated.

Her owner pretty much ignored her, her first few years of life. She was thrown into a concrete kennel with other dogs who traumatized her and was never given the fundamental things every dog deserves, including play time on grass, human affection and, yes, heartworm preventative. This neglect has left her little feet deformed (although it doesn’t slow her down) and, yes, her tiny body ridden with heartworms.

The Situation

We had her vetted the other day and the forecast isn’t good: She literally has a heart the size of a baseball because of heartworm disease. We have rescued and treated more than one Jack with this condition, but this is the most advanced—and the scariest—case we have ever faced.

The good news is she’s fairly young: Only 5 or 6 and has an awesome fighting spirit. She was coughing incessantly when she first arrived, but is doing better on some beta blockers. We are trying to get her healthy enough for the vet to consider heartworm treatment.

Despite her past, she is an absolute doll who loves everyone, human and canine. She is starved for TLC and a chance to be a puppy … and that’s exactly what we intend to give her.

How You Can Help

We truly need everyone’s support in giving this baby the fighting chance to survive, overcome and go on to make someone an amazing forever dog. We are still overwhelmed with vet bills and know this one is going to be huge. Someway, somehow, we will make it happen, but must once again turn to our incredible support system to help us.

If you would like to donate to help us help Pippa recover from her past and start over, please donate using the ChipIn below. If your device does not display Flash, you can visit our general donations page and note that it is for Pippa. If you would rather donate directly to our vet, you can send a check or money order to the address below. Please make sure to note on the check or MO that it’s for Pippa.

Lithonia Animal Hospital
c/o Donation to Georgia Jack Russell/Pippa
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