Peyton is Cancer Free

We received an update on the lump the vet removed from Peyton a couple of weeks ago. It was stage 2, but all potential harm was removed. Yea! He is now able to run around again.

Best of all, he is never alone and is constantly loved on. When his parents have to go to work, he spends the day with his (human) brother, where he gets to play with kids (his favorite!) until he gets picked up. Once again, we are so thankful to the Childress family for giving this beautiful boy, who resided almost five years with us, such a fantastic new lease on life. Thank you also to all of those who donated towards his surgery as well.

In closing, we just had to re-share this wonderful photo of that special boy shot last summer. Something tells us he wasn’t just enjoying a beautiful day; he was dreaming about his family. He never gave up hope … and neither should we.